Seagrove Partners was founded with the intent on using data to uncover customer insights. Our team of specialists all share a deep passion for understanding patients’ needs and have completed projects all along the healthcare continuum with a diversity of stakeholders.

With offices in San Diego, CA and Raleigh, NC, Seagrove conducts research and consulting projects throughout the US.

Seagrove excels at turning large amounts of quantitative data into actionable insights
— Adam Noar, Director of Market Research, Dexcom

Online Surveys

We recruit patients, HCPs and managed care P&T Committee members for quantitative online surveys.  Sample sets tend to be over 200 people and can be used for:

* Product concept testing

* Customer segmentation

* Product forecasts

Focus Groups

Seagrove moderates focus groups with key customer groups around the country, with specific facility relationships in Boston, San Diego, Raleigh, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Minneapolis, and Denver.  Groups are typically 10 people in size or can take the form of 1-1 interviews. 

Commercial Strategy

We help clients in various commercial phases, from new product launch to expansion of the field sales force.  Inputs into commercial strategy include testing client product and promotion activities against the competitive market basket, creating and testing marketing messages, and evaluating the product portfolio impact on company valuation.